A couple of thoughts

I’m heading out to my office Christmas Party in a bit, but I thought I’d write a little something.

First off, I attended a FASS writers’ meeting this afternoon and it was a productive session. The script looks good, and should be fun to direct. Still work to be done, obviously, but a surprising amount of time to do it. FASS starts a little late this year, since classes don’t begin until the second week of January. So I’m getting an extra week to prepare, which I intend to put to full use.

Of course, since FASS starts late, it also ends late…which led me to something of a shock this afternoon, when I realized that it conflicts with the Superbowl. Usually, FASS ends the day before the Superbowl. This year, the game will be played during tech weekend, and we’re always in the theatre late on the Sunday of tech weekend.

I guess we’ll just have to make some changes to ensure that we’re out of the theatre by 6:20pm, when the game kicks off.

Good thing I’m the director this year…I can’t be sure that others would have their priorities straight.