A question has been raised

In conversation this evening, the point was raised that women like strong men. Noticeable strengths…not stuff like having a strong character. Physical strength, or an attitude or maybe strong convictions. Could be heroic strength or a tragic flaw. Could be used for good or evil.

Yes, it’s a generalization, so I throw it out to the females in the audience:

Are women, in general, drawn to strength?

If you’re a male, I don’t particularly care what you think cuz you’re just speculating. So keep your opinions to yourselves. For now, at least. Even if you’re homosexual. You may be attracted to men, but that doesn’t mean you can relate to women.



  1. In general? Yes, there’s a hind-brain attraction to stronger men. Forget heroic strength or tragic flaw – there’s the pure evolutionary, hind-brain thing that says “If he’s strong, he can protect me/children”. Not something that the average female wants to admit to now, but there’s a strong arguement for it.

  2. Yeah, it’s totally the ‘strong man = protection’ thing.

    That’s why I’m such a sucker for arms. 😉

  3. I’m absolutely all about the strong and opinionated man. I like someone who challenges me in coversation and resists towing the line.

    I’m also a sucker for people who love me and leave me.

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