Bronchitis, Part IV

Three weeks later, my immune system has yet to return from vacation.

It started on Saturday the 4th with a runny nose and sneezing. That lasted for about five days.

Then there were a couple of days where it transitioned into a head cold…there was so much pressure in my skull that I could barely think straight.

One week after it began, I thought I was getting back on the healthy side of things. The next week wasn’t so bad, but the cold wouldn’t quite go away. Give it time, I thought. Just give it time.

Last Sunday, it turned into a sore throat that has plagued me all week, forcing me to eventually go to the doctor. She told me that it’s viral–not strep–and that I’d have to wait it out.

As of this morning, the sore throat’s gone…replaced by a hacking cough. Hey, that’s new and annoying.

So let’s see…runny nose, head cold, sore throat, hacking cough. With a brief intermission. Yep, we’re on Part IV of what is hopefully a four-part series.

But hey, as annoying as it is, I’ll take it. Things could be far worse.


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  1. Hi Russ!

    Apparently what you have is going around… both my kids have the same thing. I took them to the doctor for the second time yesterday, just to see if maybe it had turned into bronchitis because it has been so long and it sounds so terrible!

    The doctors assured me – again – that it is just a bad cold, wait it out… try telling that to a four and one year old!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!


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