Controversially Productive

Well, the comment system got into full swing these last few days. Apparently, all I have to do is say something that generates a wide variety of opinions and people start spouting off. Not that I care about other people’s opinions…especially when they’re at odds with mine. But hey, it’s all about giving the people what they want. So in the spirit of generating even more comments, I offer the following thoughts:

– SUVs are better than hybrid cars
– socialism is better than capitalism
– might makes right
– white people really are superior
– Jesus sucks

If this is your first time at Scatterthought, then you might be choking up a lung right now. If so, I invite you to express your opinion of me using the wonderful commenting system. I do moderate posts, but if your opinion is reasonably stated and free of profanity and hatefulness, then I’m not going to reject it.

If this isn’t your first time at Scatterthought, then you know I’m just kidding around. Of the five statements I made, three are things I don’t believe and one is something I don’t have an opinion on. One of them is actually something I do agree with. But I’m not going to tell you which is which; that’s what the commenting system is for.

I was tempted to be very unproductive this evening, because I’m oddly tired despite sleeping pretty well last night. I’ll chalk it up to the changing weather and the early darkness. Earlier tonight, I flopped on my bed and found myself drifting, at which point I leaped up and began the process of injecting caffeine into my body. Now I’m hard at work on an article that’s due tomorrow.

Right now the people who know me best are choking up their lungs, because I’m not waiting around for a deadline, which is my normal approach to all things productivity-related. I don’t know what to say…aliens must have reprogrammed me.

Of course, true to form, I’ve taken a break from my writing to, well, write. And thus you are blessed with another wonderful scatterthought…unless you’re still angry about my list of controversial opinions.

In which case, you suck. Get over it. Or better yet, offer up a comment.

Man, I must be desperate for attention. Am I actually saying things that would incite riots in a crowded room, just to get people to talk to me? Or is this a shrewd attempt to envoke an emotional response via pathos? You tell me (feel free to leave a comment).

And please, say something insightful and intelligent. I know at least one person who will simply write, “I think you’re desperate for attention.” You can do better than that.

One more time to get the juices flowing:

– SUVs are better than hybrid cars
– socialism is better than capitalism
– might makes right
– white people really are superior
– Jesus sucks

Bring the noise.



  1. That last point really jumped up at me. It’s certainly the first time I’ve read “Jesus” and “sucks” in the same line.

    We all have a natural inclination to come to the defence of those we love. I love Jesus so I wish to say a few words.

    Jesus stood for love, peace, truth and justice. I just can’t see what’s bad about that at all.

  2. Actually, I find the statement “Jesus Sucks” to be quite amusing… Anyone that knows Russ well, knows that although he doesn’t follow any organized religion, he also wouldn’t make a statement like this that wasn’t in jest, as he has too much respect for the opinions and values of others. I do find it amusing how you’re trying to deliberately make silly statements in order to get comments. Well done! Hahahaha

  3. When it comes to the Web (or any media outlet) and Jesus, you’re bound to rattle a few cages no matter what your viewpoint is.

    And knowing Russ, he was effective in provoking curiosity and responses to his “list.” Very interesting how no one (as of yet) has chirpped up about “white people really are superior”…

    And on that note, one of the first of several toons by my bro – http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/187106.
    (He is currently working on “Leave it to Jesus”)

  4. I’m going to assume that no one cares to offer further commentary, so:

    SUVs are NOT better than hybrid cars. They’re bigger and more capable, which can be useful at times, but usually they’re just a waste of fossil fuels.

    Socialism IS better than capitalism. So long as you’re talking about ideology, that is. Mix ideology with politics, and all bets are off as soon as the corruption sets in. You want a good example of socialist ideology at its best? Try the Star Trek universe and other future fiction. Yep, there are no good examples to be had in the real world.

    Might DOESN’T make right. It just happens that sometimes the guy who’s right is also the one with the might.

    White people really are NOT superior. No one is superior to another by virtue of race or any other genetic traits. I suspect that no one went after this cuz I’m Chinese.

    WHETHER OR NOT Jesus sucks DEPENDS ON YOUR PERSONAL BELIEFS. I don’t really have an opinion on this, since I’m not in favour of or opposed to Christian beliefs. Alvin does a good job defending Jesus, so I’ll walk the other side of the street. Say you’re not Christian, as I assume Alvin is, or ambivalent, as I am. Actually, say you’re anti-Christian…perhaps your ancestors were persecuted by Christians. If so, then you just might think Jesus sucks, because he’s the human embodiment of Christianity. Heck, it’s named for him.

    So there you have it.

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