Cross your fingers

It’s really warm and I can’t sleep because I took a nap earlier in the evening before yoga class. Which sucks, cuz I have to be at EDSS at 7am to get started with the Build Day for Robin in the Hood. Oh yeah, the festival is on this weekend, and if you’re not busy and in the area, you should totally come see it.

Even if you don’t come, do me a favour and pray that it doesn’t rain. The forecast is showing thunderstorms tomorrow and on Friday. Tomorrow would be okay, but Friday would suck, cuz that’s Education Day and we’ll have hundreds of Grade Four students in the park. So I choose to believe that the rain will hold off, and I hope you’ll do the same.

I’m somewhat relaxed at the moment. Had one of those odd days at work where it just seemed to go as slowly as possible. Came home, slept, then went to yoga class for the first time in a few weeks (due to my recent back injury). That was good…I’ve missed yoga. Ate dinner, and then watched some television, including the end of Galaxy Quest (which is hilarious).

I think I’m properly prepared for the next three days. Good.