Do you ever wonder why?

I’m feeling introspective but at the moment I have nothing to be introspective about

the title to this scatterthought is a song lyric but I can’t remember the title of the song or the band and I can’t find it online

and yes I’ve decided to compose this scatterthought entirely without the benefit of punctuation

because it amuses me to do so and isn’t that what life’s about

or if not life then this site at the least

wow this is really difficult for me to do I have to keep backspacing to delete the commas that I instinctively insert

when I was young I didn’t use enough commas when I wrote so my mom taught me to insert commas whenever I would pause in the middle of a spoken sentence

and that’s the rule of thumb that’s stuck with me more than anything else

for awhile I went the other way inserting too many commas into my writing and she had to correct me to remove some of them

part of the problem is that I tend to speak very quickly with measured pauses so I perceive a lot of commas and admittedly use a lot of comma splices

but I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on punctuation at this point in my life aside from the aforementioned comma splices

and having said that I’m done with this little experiment which is proving considerably more difficult than I expected it to be when I started composing it on a whim


So the real question is, how much more difficult was that to read than if it had been properly punctuated with commas, periods, semicolons, and the one missing question mark? A lot more, in my opinion. Which leads me to wonder how it is that so many people employ poor grammar and worse punctuation. I just don’t get that…it’s not difficult. I guess people just don’t care.

But I don’t want this to be a diatribe on grammar. Although I suppose it’s too late for that.



  1. Too late!

    What bothers me most is people who put, commas after every verb! This is becoming more and more common these days. I see it a lot in even professional sites and published books! Is there a really bad “Editor’s Handbook” that most editors got, as a gift for Christmas? It’s really annoying and makes, any sentence really hard to read because it breaks, up the natural flow.

  2. It sounds like you’ve been reading “Eats, shoots and leaves.”
    by Lynn Truss

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