Here I go again

Time to leap into another crazy week, and things aren’t starting out so well.

Saturday was a busy day. I took my cats to the vet, attended a friend’s birthday barbecue, then went to Elmira to do promotional stuff for Robin in the Hood. Somewhere in-between, I tweaked my left shoulder and it tightened up on my badly. I was able to ignore it, but in idle moments it really sucked.

Dropped by my sister’s house to water the plants, then home, and then to a stag and doe. My shoulder was still painful, but like I said, I was able to ignore it.

And then this morning arrived, and man did it suck. I woke up face down on my bed and pretty much unable to move my neck. The pain in the left side of my shoulder and neck had lessened, only to be replaced by worse pain on the exact opposite side. Yuck. So while Chet and Min did their best to wake me and get fed, I did my best to even just move.

But move I did. After all, if the shoulders are tight, the best thing is to keep moving them and loosen them up. So after a long shower, I vacuumed for awhile, made lunch, and tidied up a bit. And now I’ll spend the rest of the day concentrating on my automotive work.

As for the rest of the week…I’ve got a Robin in the Hood rehearsal on Tuesday, a KWLT rehearsal on Wednesday, and a bunch of things to take care of at the office. Also, we have to turn around the revised version of the paper we’re writing for a conference, but the two coworkers I’m working with are exceptionally busy right now, and we haven’t received all of the comments back from the reviewers. Lovely.

I’ve got a golf lesson on Saturday morning–so it’d be great if I can find time to hit the range and tune up my swing a little bit beforehand–and then I’m picking my sister up from the airport on Saturday afternoon. Oh yeah, and there’s a Battle of the Bards on Friday night.

So yeah, it’s gonna be another barn-burner. But I’ll make it, like I always do.

One day, I’ll read back through the Scatterthought archives and have one of two reactions. Either I’ll marvel at how much I managed to accomplish when I was younger, or I’ll think that my present workload is nothing compared to my future workload.

I’d like to think that it’ll be the former, but I’m foolish enough to expect that it’ll be the latter.