Here’s the funny thing about it

Read this article: Off our jackets the poppies blow.

First off, I include myself in the group of people who dislike losing our poppies or jabbing ourselves with the end of the pin. I usually wrap a bit of tape around the end. But more often than not, I lose it or forget to put it back on in the morning.

Officials of the Royal Canadian Legion say that they don’t introduce a better poppy due to the costs. They say that it’s better for them to hand out the existing poppies and, if people lose them, benefit from selling additional ones.

I have no issues with the Legion wanting to profit as much as possible from poppy sales, since it all goes to a good cause. But the solution seems simple to me…distribute two types of poppies: the existing one, and a more-expensive one with a proper pin clasp. And while they’re doing so, charge four times as much for the better poppy.

If the public is really dedicated enough to replace poppies three or four times, I suspect they’ll happily pony up for the better poppy.

And while they’re at it, the Legion should stop distributing poppies in the mail. I don’t know what the returns are on mailed poppies, but I’ll tell you this much. Every year I get poppies in the mail, and I use them. And no, I never send money back via the envelope. If I see a kid outside of a store selling poppies I’ll give him or her my spare change if I have any, but if I’m wearing a poppy the kid probably won’t come up to me.

Stop mailing poppies to me! It’s defeating the purpose. I’d rather have the kid approach me and offer me my choice of the standard or deluxe poppy. I’ll probably give him five bucks (cuz I don’t usually have spare change), and everyone wins.

Sure, the deluxe poppies are more likely to be saved for next year, but I’m guessing the gains will outweigh the losses.

Whatdya think, readers? We need some opinions on the state of poppydom.



  1. Uh, babe – it’s called a safety pin. They’re cheap. They do the job. They don’t cost the Legion more money.

  2. Grr!!

    I can’t believe this! I had a giant list of reasons why traditional was better, and they all disappeared 🙁

    Stupid put a name in the name field.. grumble.. mumble..

    Anyway, to vastly summarize – it’s better this way because they require constant vigilence & upkeep (helping with the whole remembering thing – you can’t just pin it on and forget about it), inspires inventiveness in keeping it on, reminds me of my childhood, and a bunch of other things I’ve fogotten now.

    Anyway, back to work

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