I crashed earlier this evening

And it ruined any chance of a full night of sleep. That’s why I’m writing at 3:30am in the morning.

We got today’s big proposal out the door, and the people delivering it got it there on time. And I mean “on time”. It was due at 2:30pm, and we have a delivery receipt that says “2:30:00”. Sheesh. That’s too close.

I completed my part of the submission with time to spare, but there were various other holdups that caused us to almost miss out. And when I say “miss out”, I mean it. In the consulting world, if you miss an RFP deadline that’s all there is to it. Purchasing departments are completely unforgiving when packages arrive after the deadline. And that’s the way it should be–the deadlines are stated right up front in the RFP’s….smart firms make sure they get there with time to spare.

Usually, we’re a smart firm. But with all of the projects going on lately, the timelines get a little tighter. Well, this is obviously as close as you can cut it, and I’ve no desire to go down this road again.

After sending the proposal on its way, I drove to Mississauga and Markham to swap some cars that I’m reviewing. Unfortunately, the office delays pushed me back a couple of hours and I ended up at the leading edge of rush-hour traffic. Busy and slow, but not unbearably so.

Ooh, that rhymes.

I got back and stopped into a pub where a coworker was holding court, as she’s moving to England next Monday. Then came home, watched some television, fell on the bed, and woke up a couple of hours later.

Fast forward a few hours and that brings us to this point.

But enough about that.

I was lying in the dark, face to face with Chet, who was being his cute self. And it struck me that he’s even cuter in the dark. I think it’s because of his grey/white colouring and big, dark eyes. In the dark, we see with our black-and-white visual receptors, which are known as rods (as opposed to the cones that enable us to see colour when there’s light). Rods don’t produce very sharp images, which is why our night vision is less defined. Everything gets a little fuzzy, I suppose.

Anyway, as cute as Chet is when there’s light, I think he’s even cuter in the dark. I wish there were some way I could take a photo.

The same can’t be said for Min. Since she’s brown and black, she just sort of disappears in the dark. Definitely cuter when you can actually see her properly.

But enough doting on my cats.

If you’re in the KW area and free, September’s Battle of the Bards is this very evening. Check it out at www.battleofthebards.ca. I’m looking forward to it after largely taking the summer off, with the exception of Bards in the Shell.

Next weekend there’s a concert at the University, which my band is playing a set at. Check it out at b2.feds.ca.

The weekend after that, I’ll be in Ottawa for a wedding. Sorry, you can’t come along. Instead, try the KWLT One Acts going on from Thursday the 28th to Saturday the 30th. Check it out at www.kwlt.org.

And that’s my event calendar for the next few weeks. The days in between will be filled with a continuing stream of office work (two deadlines for Tuesday and one for Wednesday) and NFL football. Guess which one I’ll enjoy more?

Also, I’m ramping up for my City of Waterloo project.

Soon enough, October will arrive and I will turn the majority of my thoughts to our impending housing purchase.

And then I’ll turn 29 on November 1st.

Thanksgiving is in there somewhere. I never remember when. I think October. Whatever.

And yes, I’m just sorta babbling at this point in an effort to tire out and bore my brain enough that it wants to fall asleep. So you probably won’t miss anything if you stop reading now.

But do you really want to take the chance?

What if I turn around and–out of nowhere–start writing something absolutely mind boggling and insightful? It’s happened before.

Or so I’m told.

On the flip side, what if I drone on like this and you keep scrolling and scrolling with no end in sight, only to get no satisfaction from it.

I can’t get no….no, no, no…

That’s a good song. I should see if the guys in the band want to learn it.

Then again, maybe the act of reading this is rewarding enough for you. Maybe it serves its own purpose.

In which case, you need to get out more. And yes, I know, so do I.

And speaking of rewards, I wonder if I won the lottery. I bought a ticket on Monday, since it’s a pretty big jackpot and I’ve been feeling lucky in spite of my crushing workload.

Man, is it September 15th already? Where did 2006 go?

And will I ever stop typing?


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