I don’t remember the last time I published a brief scatterthought

I used to be so obsessed with having new content every day that I’d write something…anything…short and quick, just to show that I’m still paying attention and to make it at least a tiny bit worthwhile for people to keep checking the site regularly.

Nowadays, everything is a friggin’ essay. And I’ve only myself to blame, of course. Though some of that has to fall upon the shoulders of a world that keeps giving me things to think about.

My parents have to accept some responsibility for producing a child of such incurable and sometimes inane thoughtfulness. And, more damningly, for not beating it out of me when I was seven. What were they thinking?

And really, the lot of you are at fault for continuing to come here, thus giving me an audience for my rants, diatribes, introspections, and…umm…blatherings.

No wait, don’t go! That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you!

Before I forget, thanks to Quingawaga for pointing out my spelling mistake in the last scatterthought. I could claim that I mispelled the word on purpose in order to demonstrate the proper use of irony, but then I’d just be lying. And really, would any of you believe me?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Thanks also to my friend Rose, who pointed out that this past Monday was my twenty-eight-and-a-half birthday. She said as much in an e-mail to me and said it should go up here.

Apologies to M, who is still waiting on an interesting discussion we had awhile back to appear here. If she’s reading this, a good way to speed the process would be to bring up the content of the conversation again, which will get me thinking about it and likely result in the scatterthought I promised so long ago.

And the way I’ve been lately, this is about as brief as it gets.


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