I need the world to stop turning for a week or so

So that I can catch up with it. I’m a few turns behind.

This morning, I was offered a really great volunteer opportunity that I had to turn down. Any other year I might have done it, but at this juncture I’m already far too overworked.

It sucks, because I’m really honoured to be offered the position. It sucks, because I know I could do it well. It sucks, because I hate letting down the people who offered it to me.

But it would suck more to let them down in the long run.

I’m back in the office after four days out of it for the wedding in Ottawa. Yep, that’s why I haven’t been posting anything lately. I actually got back late on Sunday evening, but also had taken two additional days to recharge and catch up on life. However, I spent most of those days feeling a little ill, and didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped to.

The wedding was a very negative/positive occasion, in that order. On Thursday night, the bride and groom’s dog passed away, which was rather traumatic. I learned of this upon arriving on Friday afternoon, and as a result there was a lot to be done. The maid of honour was my best friend (whom I refer to as my sister), so naturally a lot of the extra stuff fell to me to take care of. So I spent a good portion of the actual wedding day directing traffic and making small decisions to keep things flowing and prevent the wedding party from having to think too much. You might think that’s annoying, since I was technically just another guest, but if so, you don’t know me very well. I’m far happier when I’m being useful, and I see my contributions as part of my gift to the happy couple. As well, the family has always treated me wonderfully, and I’ll do pretty much anything for them.

The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was excellent. Everyone mingled and had fun, and the speeches were all very well delivered. The groom worked a remembrance of their dog into his speech, and he did it so well that my already great respect for him shot through the roof. 

I met a lot of great people over the course of the weekend…really fantastic people whom I hope to maintain communication with. That’s always a very good thing.

Some amusement came from everyone who didn’t know me wondering who I was, since I was fairly visible while running around dealing with the details. They asked my sister’s mom if I was her daughter’s boyfriend (read that again…it makes sense), and were confused to learn that I was my sister’s long-lost adopted brother (also makes sense). So we had a lot of fun playing up our sibling relationship.

We came back on Sunday in somewhat leisurely fashion, stopping for dinner on the way and getting home around 11pm. So it was quite a long weekend.

Now I’m back in the flow. Our house closes this weekend and we’re just about ready for it. We’ll move in a couple of weeks. Lots to be done. Never enough time to do it.

But I suppose that’s what makes life interesting.