I suppose it’s even more boring if I don’t update it

Yeah well, it was a long weekend. And while I wasn’t doing anything spectacularly interesting, it was busy.

I got a lot of golf in over the weekend. My office closed early on Friday, so I hopped over to a pitch and putt with a buddy. Went to the range on Saturday, and then golfed nine holes on Monday morning.

In amongst all that, I played with my band at a KWLT fundraising barbecue on Saturday morning, hung out with some people on Saturday evening, had dinner with others on Sunday evening, and got food poisoning.

Yep. That’s right. Food poisoning. Late on Sunday is when my stomach began to hurt, leading to a night of being in and out of sleep. The next morning I was scheduled to golf and then help some friends (the same ones I had dinner with) move into their new house.

I went golfing…I seemed well enough when I woke up and figured it was just indigestion that was getting me. But man, by the 8th hole I was having trouble. I was all hunched over and having trouble just staying on my feet. Made it through all nine, though, and not too badly, all things considered.

As I drove home, I just felt myself getting worse and worse. Of course, Monday was a holiday so everything was closed–I couldn’t go to a pharmacy.

By the time I got home I was in a lot of pain, so I took some gravol, called my friends to tell them I wasn’t going to make it, and passed out (after a lot of groaning). Faded in and out throughout the day–I seem to recall that around 3pm I woke up and my stomach didn’t hurt anymore–and finally gained full consciousness around 9pm, at which point I was really, really hungry. So I ate dinner, watched TV for awhile, and went back to bed figuring that I wouldn’t be able to sleep since I had been all day.


You know you’re sick when you sleep for 10 hours, wake for two, and go right back to bed for another nine hours. Clearly this is your body telling you that it needs you to shut up while it concentrates for awhile.

Felt okay when I woke up and went to the office, but at some point I just realized how weak I was feeling…it was as if I just didn’t have any energy whatsoever. So I bailed out around noon, went home…and realized that I was supposed to pick up a test car in Mississauga.

Had lunch, collected my thoughts, and drove in. At least it wasn’t Oshawa or Whitby, which would have sucked.

Then it was home, to work on some other stuff.

And that was my weekend. Exciting, eh?

Which brings me to my next topic.

A number of women, all of whom know me fairly well, have seen fit to comment on my previous scatterthought. I have these responses:

1. Yeah, it sounds silly to say that I like myself too much, right now. Ironically, it sounds like a flaw that I do like myself, since that suggests that I think I’m perfect or close to perfect. But that’s not the case (and I know Meaghan’s not suggesting that). But would it be good if everyone had my problems? That depends. It would be good if they were thinking and feeling similar to me and like themselves too much, and bad if they were, say, a serial killer and liked themselves too much.

2. While golfing this past weekend, I was remarking to a friend how I actually kind of enjoy hitting into sand traps and tall grass, cuz it means that I have to get myself out of them. Disaster recovery, so to speak. Bring it on.

3. I suppose there’s a balance between looking for action and having it come to you. Sometimes things just happen, and sometimes you have to do something to spark it. What matters most is to keep your eyes open at all times.

4. Following on answer #3, I am currently scanning the Winnipeg housing market.

Hah. No, I’m not seriously thinking about moving to Winnipeg, though I could get a much better house there for what I’m going to pay in KW. Good try, Frankie…


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  1. I’m house hunting right now and looked at a gorgeous home in Wolseley Three bedrooms on the second floor plus a den and one bedroom in the basement, huge kitchen, some new reno and all for 124K.
    Wolseley is the hippy area where most of these aforementioned women live

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