I think something’s wrong with my eyes

Like the title says, I think something’s wrong with my eyes.

I was flipping channels just now and came across Armageddon, so I left the TV there to catch the ending. It’s a good ending, and I’ve seen it many times. So anyway, it gets to the part where Harry is talking to his daughter before he sacrifices himself to blow up the asteroid and…

Sorry, gotta stop for a moment. That’s a funny sentence if you’ve no idea what the movie is about. But back to the topic at hand.

He’s talking to his daughter, and suddenly I get this twinge in my eyes, and I know exactly what it is. I wanted to cry. I was right on the edge of tears. And that surprised the heck out of me. Like I said, I’ve seen the movie many times and I’ve never been compelled to cry before. Why now?

This happened to me for the first time ever last fall, while watching an episode of CSI. In that case it was a happy ending (it was the episode where Nick is buried alive), and I wanted to cry with joy. And same as this time, I was shocked.

A few weeks ago, the same episode was on again and I left it playing in the background. And once again, I felt the need to cry, even though I knew the ending.

I don’t cry very often, and I’ve never been moved to tears by television, movies…anything dramatic. That’s still true…these times, I wanted to cry but didn’t. I didn’t cry during 9/11 or while watching coverage of devestation caused by natural disasters.

And yet, three times in the past six months I’ve almost been moved to tears.

Clearly, something is wrong with my eyes. Either that or the CSI episode triggered something inside of me.

To be clear, I’ve no problem with crying, and I’d never think less of someone for crying. People feel emotion to different extents, and while certain emotions (like anger) need to be controlled, crying helps relieve the built-up stress.

Maybe that’s the issue. Maybe I’ve got a lot of emotional stress built up in me, and these incidents have been my body trying to let it out. Maybe I’ve got deep emotional issues that need to be dealt with.




  1. It might be time for a good cry Russell! Let it all out… you know you wanna!

  2. Jeff cries regularly..he knows what he’s talking about. hehe

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