If you missed FASS, then you missed out

Well, FASS 2006 is now in the books, and I’m pleased to say that it was a huge success. Everything went amazingly well, making this one of the most memorable theatre productions I’ve ever been involved with, if not the most memorable of all.

Unfortunately, a number of people who planned to attend our final show on Saturday didn’t get to see it, due to the wicked freezing-rain/snow/sleet storm that blew up that day, seemingly out of nowhere. Ah well, such is life. And as much as I might have wanted them to come see the show, no one should drive in conditions they’re uncomfortable with. We had a great audience anyway–actually, we had four great audiences.

I’m just amazed at how well every little aspect of the show went. That says a lot about everyone’s commitment and effort, from the production team through to each cast member.

Another bonus is that no one was completely taken down by illness or injury. We had a few minor injuries, but nothing that prevented people from being on stage. As for illness, a bunch of people were getting sick by the end. Actually, I caught a cold right out of the blue on Saturday. I was perfectly fine and healthy for most of the day, but as soon as I got to the theatre I felt my throat starting to close up and couldn’t breathe through my nose. I’ve never had a cold set in that fast, but it went from 0-100 in literally an hour’s time. So when I went on stage, I pretty much blew my nose beforehand and then walked on, hoping I’d be unstuffed long enough to sing. And hey it worked.

I suspect that the adrenaline and energy I’ve been running on throughout January started giving out on Saturday, and my immune system went along with it. If not for that, I probably would have gotten sick earlier in the week. Add in that I didn’t get much sleep between the first and last shows (due to aftershow parties), and it’s really not surprising.

I’m probably feeling the worst of it right now, which is why I’m home from work today. No point going in and infecting everyone else.

So yeah, FASS is over and I’m more than a little sad over that. Usually by now it’s something of a relief, but in this case I feel like I could keep going. Heck, it almost makes me wish we had a second week of shows. But that’d probably be too much.

Better to end on the high note.



  1. I’m amazed that I’m not sick yet, given that I’ve come into contact with just about everyone. And I’m *glad* I’m not sick, too. Not just because being sick sucks, but because I have three essays due on Wednesday.

    And I’d like to state again how pleased I am that I didn’t have to fill in for anyone, and what a great job everyone did. This FASS rocked.

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