If you were to describe me to someone…

…what would you say?

I’m curious. Based on what you know of me, how would you describe me to a friend, family member, or some other random person?

When I think of my friends and acquaintances, there are certain thoughts I attach to them.

“He’s a really good actor.”

“She’s the nicest person ever.”

“He’s obnoxious, but otherwise a standup guy.”

“She’s one of the most intelligent people I know.”

“He’s a lot like me.”

It’s all metaphor, of course. When you’re describing anything (person, place, or thing) to someone who’s never heard of that thing, you have to put it into terms they understand. “He’s a lot like me,” is a phrase I can only use when I’m talking to someone who knows me well. “She’s the nicest person ever,” is an exaggeration (although she may actually be the nicest person ever, there’s no way to know) that sets up the third person’s expectation for when s/he meets the supposed nicest person ever.

Depending on how you know me–as a friend, as a family member, or as a Web site that you check out every once in awhile–you’ll have a different opinion of me. Some of you know my best strengths and my biggest weaknesses. And you’ll remember what you’ve seen the most in me and/or what’s most important to you, personally.

As well, your description might depend on the circumstances surrounding your description of me to another person.

Some of you only know me through this site, and your impressions are entirely based on what you’ve read on Scatterthought over the years. In many ways, I’m most curious as to what you think.

Some of you probably think I’m a jerk. And hey, that’s valid too. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

Some of you might think I’m inconsistent and maybe even hypocritical, whereas others think I’m good at adjusting my responses to the unique situation at hand. That’s going to depend entirely on your view of the world.

I could go on, but I’ve already said too much. I want your opinion. So fire away.

I know this could be dangerous. I could either get a massive ego boost or be slammed by everyone who decides to hit that feedback button. Either way, that’s cool. I’m looking for honesty, and I’m not going to censor something just cuz I don’t like what I’m hearing (unless it’s unnecessarily profane or obscene).

What jumps into your head? Write as little or as much as you want. Just fill in the blank, or say more if you think it’s necessary. It’s entirely up to you.

So let’s set the mood and send you off to the races.

“Yeah, I know this guy Russ Wong. He’s ___________.”



  1. …very outgoing and not afraid to put himself out there and take the spot light. He tends to ramble, and sometimes I wonder when he’s going to get to the point, but his charisma makes it all worthwhile.
    Overall, he’s a great guy, very understanding and a wonderful listener. I’m honoured to be his friend.

    I love you, man! 😉

  2. Bouncy, energetic, a bit rambly, sometimes seems younger than he is, a good leader, good guy, dependable, intelligent.

    How’d I do? :o)

  3. Wow.. interesting concept. Here goes:

    Russ is a fantasically generous guy, who’s willing to go out all the way to the end of his endurance for everyone else, proving that he’s one of the most self-less people on earth. Unfortunately, he’s convinced that every deeper meaning has a deeper meaning, which means that he’s never satisfied with simple answers, and even the complex answers rarely hit the spot.

    On the other hand, Russ’ talent at everything he does (music, computers, cars, writing, photography, design, management, public speaking…. etc etc etc) keep us all in awe, and endlessly entertained, and his personality is damn unbeatable.

    Ok. And now I feel like the guy on the Jack-in-the-box commercial. *cough*too much*cough*

  4. Although Russ is trapped in a little dude’s body, there is nothing small when it comes to his personality (nor quiet for that matter). 😉

    Outgoing, dependable, hard-working, loyal, and one hell of a writer.

  5. His best quality is how likeable he is. He does everything he can to make everyone else happy and comfortable. He’s one of the best men I’ve ever met; I mean, I CHOSE him to be my brother.
    His worst quality is NOT his rambling, which I enjoy, but his vanity over his occasionally perfect hair.
    But, no one can be perfect, and I couldn’t be friends with him if he was.

  6. Wow, my ego’s all inflated. I was tempted to log in anonymously and bash myself down to restore some balance to this discussion, but that would be, umm, cheating. I guess.

    I realize now the problem, which is that I have no enemies that I know of. And if I do, they probably aren’t inclined to visit this site.

    I’m sure Jeff would have something appropriately sarcastic to bash me with, but he’s stuck in Kenora until tomorrow so he probably hasn’t read this, yet.

    So we’ll just have to wait.

  7. Well, after all that, I’m certainly not going to contribute to making your head any bigger! It cound explode! I’m staying out of it!

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