It’s after 6pm on Sunday and I am in the office

As always, too much to do, not enough time to do it. Though I wasn’t as productive as I should have been during the work week, so this is at least partially my own doing. But whatever. I’ve never minded putting in the time to get something done. Actually, that’s not true. More accurate to say that I don’t mind so long as I feel like there are good reasons. So if someone tells me to do something that I think is stupid or a waste of valuable time, then I mind. And if someone else should be putting the time in, I mind. And if others aren’t demonstrating similar devotion to the task (not necessarily similar time), then I mind.

But seeing as I’m a pretty agreeable person, most of the time I don’t mind. Besides, my company is really cool with my time, letting me flex as necessary to do my automotive stuff and City of Waterloo work. And there’s not much difference between me being here and working on TWFP stuff, or being at home and working on something else.

In other news, I completed my taxes today. At least, as much as I could…I need to get some info for my RRSP’s, but I know where I stand financially and it’s pretty good. It took a little longer than I expected, but was a relatively smooth process. And as is the case every year, I came away thinking that I need a better method of tracking my business expenses than scribbling on my receipts; leaving them in my wallet for weeks; mass-emptying my wallet so that there are receipts tucked away in boxes, on shelfs, and in folders throughout my room; searching through the various spaces to find them all (which is made more difficult when you moved midway through the year); entering them into a spreadsheet; and then scouring my credit-card statements to see if I got everything.

I think the same thing every year. I never do anything about it. But hopefully this year will be different. I just have to get myself into the groove and stick with it.

We’ll see…