It’s the big day

Today, I will accomplish something great. The show I’ve been looking forward to for over a year, The Big 1-5-0, happens tonight (Thursday) at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. If you’re not doing anything, you should come check it out. Admission is only $5, or $2 with a food donation.

The show goes from 6:30-10:00pm, and includes five bands and a whole bunch of crazy inflatable activities, such as a bouncy castle and a climbing wall. It’s focused on Waterloo’s high school students, but we’ve opened up the admission to the public.

It’s going to be a blast, and I’m hoping our attendance will be 1000+ people.

Safe to say I’ve never done anything this big before. Also safe to say that I’m freaking out a little bit, wondering what might go wrong.

Yeah yeah, it’s just my nature.

After this, life will get a little more normal. At least, that’s what I tell myself.