It’s time for another late-night post

Yeah, I know, I know. Once again I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, and you’ve all been checking back here diligently, with great concern for my general well-being and safety.

Or you just didn’t notice.

Whatever the case may be, I’m back and I’m feeling good. I survived my month of office terror, meeting every one of my numerous deadlines. I’d like to say I did so with style and panache, but that might sound a little boastful and presumptious. So let’s just say that, at certain points over the past few weeks, I was god-like.

The thing is, I’ve managed to fit in quite a lot of non-work activity that I committed myself to long before my office life turned upside down. We held a Battle of the Bards a week ago that went very well, and this afternoon my band, Enough About The Monkey, played a gig at the University of Waterloo. It was a good show…unfortunately, there weren’t as many of our friends there as I would have hoped, but I think that those who did see us really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow (actually, today), I’m spending the day in a theatre building sets for KWLT’s upcoming One Act Weekend, which is this upcoming weekend (the 28th to 30th). Unfortunately, I can’t see the shows as I’ll be in Ottawa for a wedding. But you knew that already, since I said so when I last posted. Mind you, that was the 15th, so the odds are that you forgot about it.

So yeah. I got through what can definitely be considered one of the most hectic periods of my life. And you know, aside from all the stress, loss of sleep, over-consumption of caffeine, and general loss of mental balance, I feel pretty good about it.

Given what you know about me, is that strange? Or is it exactly what you expect?

In other news, a restaurant declined my spinach-dip order tonight, due to worries over E.coli bacteria (they won’t do anything with spinach right now). I fear that huge quantities of my favourite vegetable are going to waste. Stupid E.coli…let my spinach go!