Kicking it into high gear

That’s a motorcycle metaphor (for those of you who weren’t aware).

Or is it? I’m actually guessing that it is, but I’m not 100% sure. So let’s look it up.

Wow. I can’t find it. In five minutes of searching, I can’t find the root of this metaphor on the Internet. Weird. Trippy.


Anyway, like the sign says, I’m kicking it into high gear. Lots on the go. No time to waste. I wonder what’s on television tonight.

That was a joke. Ha ha.

FASS auditions started up last night, but Thursday is usually the crazy day for turnout. Friday auditions are generally pretty light. Spend Saturday morning/afternoon casting and scheduling people, then go to a party on Saturday evening. Sunday’s the read-through for the play, and then we’re into rehearsals for the next month.

Only three-and-a-half times in the past ten years has January not sucked this way. My first year in FASS, my involvement was pretty minimal. I wasn’t around next year, but returned the year after that in a larger capacity. I kept getting more and more involved, before finally stepping back in 2002. That year I helped out as a vocal coach, but didn’t do anything else. The year after, I wasn’t involved at all.

And I’ll admit that those Januaries were kinda nice.

Since going back in 2004, I’ve once again been more and more involved. What can I say…that’s my nature. If I’m involved in a group, then I need to be heavily involved. I’ve never really enjoyed contributing to things in minor roles. I think that’s why I didn’t stick with some of my past volunteer efforts…I didn’t feel like I was really contributing.

That’s a personal feeling, of course. When I’m on the flipside, I’ll welcome any and all involvement in a project–as much as a person is willing to give–and appreciate the effort. Except, that is, when a person doesn’t show the effort that they’ve committed to providing. That just hurts the project.

So yeah, January’s gonna keep me busy…as usual. And the supposed-motorcycle metaphor is highly appropriate.


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  1. Well, the librarian in me is tormented with the “kicking it into high gear” metaphor. I think that your statement is correct/on the right track.

    For now, (using free, relatively trusty web resources – since I don’t feel like signing into my work’s resources on a Friday evening), I found the following definition for “high gear” offered by Princeton’s WordNet (v. 2.1) dictionary:
    “S: (n) high gear, high (a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed) “.

    So, as you mentioned, this is applicable to a motorcycle – definitely moreso than car – I don’t really associate the “kicking” action with a car…

    How truly geeky I am…

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