Life took a good turn this past week

…both in and out of the office.

In the office, I learned this morning that a crazy deadline got pushed back to next week. I was expecting to spend most of tonight and all of tomorrow in the office…instead, I get a nice little reprieve and some time to relax.

So what did I do with that time? I spent part of it at a rehearsal, and the other reconnecting with some friends I’d lost touch with. And that’s the other good turn.

The wedding I attended last Saturday was for a friend from WCRI, where I spent most of my university days. There was a great group of people at WCRI, most of whom spread out to the four corners of the earth over the past few years.

I was somewhat peripheral to the WCRI crowd, because I was around and involved, but I also had a couple of other distinct groups of friends. One group (which included my girlfriend) got the most of my time, and I tried to hang out with the others as much as possible. When I look back, I wish I had hung out with the WCRI group more often. But such is life.

I lost contact with most of them over time…even though a couple of them still live in town. That’s just how it is sometimes, you know?

Anyway, most of the group was back for the wedding and it was really, really good seeing them all again. Better yet, it turns out that one person whom I thought had moved to Australia is actually back in town…and living in the apartments in my complex. How cool is that?

This time around, I’m going to do a better job keeping up the communication. As long as I have so many different groups of friends, I’ll never have as much time as I want with everyone. But after remembering how much fun I have with these people, I’d be a fool not to try.