My back hurts, and not in a good way

I know, I know…there’s never anything good about back pain. But this time around I’m a little worried. I leaned over yesterday morning to pick something up and felt a sharp pain in my lower back that came out of nowhere. If I’m standing up straight or lying flat then I’m fine, and if I apply heat (as I’m doing right now) then it doesn’t hurt as much, but I spent most of yesterday walking around grinning like an idiot, because the only alternative was wincing in pain.

What I’m worried about is that the symptoms sound suspiciously like a herniated disc, and that’s bad news. I’ve got a heavy workload at the office, a couple of articles to finish, and rehearsals both tonight and tomorrow. I’ve got yoga on Thursday, a Battle of the Bards to host on Friday, and a golf lesson on Saturday morning. And oh yeah, I couldn’t get an appointment with my doctor until Thursday morning.

A stubborn desire to ignore the pain is probably not going to get me through this episode. At least, not without detrimental long-term effects. So I think I’m going to play this one intelligently. Rather than forcing myself through rehearsals, I’m going to stay home tonight and tomorrow. And if things aren’t better by Thursday, I’ll cancel my golf lesson. We’ll still hold Bards…I refuse to cancel a show, even if I have to host it from a wheelchair…but I want to be in one piece by the time the Robin in the Hood festival rolls around in two weeks.


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  1. You know, if you wanted out of Bards, I’d host it for you, gratis.

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