Oops…I mean, happy new year!

Okay, okay, so I haven’t written anything since before Christmas and I forgot to post a final “2005” scatterthought. I’ve been busy.

The trip to Vancouver was good, and the flight back was okay. Since then, I’ve been trying to fit in all of my socializing while contributing to the FASS 2006 script. I ended up making the rounds tonight, stopping in at two places before settling in at a third location to wait for the ball to drop on 2006, and I’m just getting home now. It was pointed out to me by a close friend (I love you too, Lisa) that I’ve been derelict in my duty, so I’ve decided to post a scatterthought before going to bed. I figure it’s still 2005 until I fall asleep, so we’re gonna count this…even though the date stamp doesn’t agree at all. Whatever. I could “fix” the date stamp, but that just wouldn’t be right.

So as I settle in to get some much-needed sleep, I wish all of you the best for 2006. I’m already seeing a great year ahead.