Rain rain, go away…

Leave us alone this Saturday.

With five days to go until the inaugural Bards in the Shell, I’m now glued to the Weather Network’s constantly updated forecast. Yesterday it was predicting 100% chance of rain (ugh)…right now it’s cloudy periods (perfect).

Cloudy is just what we want…bright, but not directly sunny. Not too much wind (it messes with microphones), but not crazy humid.

Some people have asked if we have a rain-out date in case it does rain, to which I answer with extreme confidence that we will not be rained out…and if we are, I’ll deal with that later.



  1. Don’t worry Russ. It won’t rain.

    I’ve decided.

  2. It’s good to see that you have a sound plan in place. I admire stubbornness in other people.

  3. Nadia and I were glued to the Weather Network for the 14 days leading up to our wedding. We watched in happiness as it slowly went from “Certain Rain” to “A nice day”.

    Well, in my three layers it was a nice day. Nadia seemed a little cold in her sleeveless dress. 🙂

    Crossing my fingers that the weather will be fine.

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