I love NBC’s “Scrubs”. It’s my favourite television show for numerous reasons that I won’t go into.

The episode coming back right after the commercial break has to do with people who do nice things suffering consequences. A patient who donates part of his liver to his brother and suffers complications while the brother gets better. A friend who helps out his buddy instead of doing his work.

The question, going into the commercial break: “was it worth it?”

The answer I’m looking for at the end of the episode: “yes”.

It sounds bad, but given the choice I’ll almost always risk consequences if doing so will help out someone I care about.

So let’s see how his pans out.

Hang on, it’s almost over.

Yep, there we go. Somewhat predictable, but you know, I like it. I’ll trade someone’s certain consequences for my potential consequences.

And that pretty much says it all about me.