So much good karma

You know how awhile ago I was saying that I need something spectacular to happen?

Yep. It did.


Spectacular #1 was alluded to the other day when I announced that my roommate and I are buying a house. As of today we’re pretty much confirmed to make it happen.

Spectacular #2 has been in the works since the end of July, and now I can shed some light on it.

My job responsibilities require me to monitor various Web sites to look for RFP postings that I can then produce proposals for. At the end of July, I came across such a posting by the City of Waterloo, but it wasn’t for architectural services. Instead, it was for a volunteer project coordinator related to the City’s upcoming 150th anniversary in 2007. In particular, the position involves working with local schools to set up events that will be part of the overall celebration. It’s called the Waterloo Schools Challenge, and I’ll be the point person.

I sent in my proposal on August 1st, interviewed for the position today, and–as you’ve already surmised–have since learned that I’ve been accepted into the role. And I can’t tell you how excited I am by this. Over the years, I’ve been looking for an outlet to really stretch out and grow…and this is just the opportunity that I’ve wanted. Something where I can learn a lot, while really contributing to my community.

Something spectacular. 

Of course, I’ll continue on in my day job, which I’m generally enjoying, lately. And I’ll continue on with the automotive journalism, as well. Some of my other activities may have to be stepped back, depending on the time I end up devoting to the Challenge. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So yeah, I’ve got all sorts of good karma going on right now, and a smile that can’t be wiped off my face.


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