Sometimes, the words that come out of your mouth don’t even begin to approximate the words that sounded so good when you practiced them in your head.

Sometimes, the words are the same, but just don’t make sense or sound at all comfortable when they’re exposed to thin air.

Sometimes, you say something and then think of a better way to say it immediately afterward.

Sometimes, it’s a combination of all three.

And once those words are out there, you can’t change them. Such is life.

We plan for the future and revisit the past., but we live in the present.

A single moment–sometimes seemingly inconsequential–leads down a path, and you can’t back up or turn off of it.

We won’t like all of the moments, nor the outcomes that they lead to, but they’ll keep coming. There goes one now, and here comes another.

We’ll cherish many of the moments, committing them indelibly to memory. Taking photos, or writing about them. Saving them for the future, when we can again feel the emotions wash over us, bringing warmth and happiness.

We’ll plan the words and our futures, then accept what happens when we open our mouths to speak.

Sometimes, what you mean to say and what you actually say are two completely different things. You just hope it’s close enough.

Sometimes, all that matters is that you said it.



  1. Ummm..thats a little too vague for me (your intention, I know). So, what was said? Enquiring (okay, nosey) minds want to know. Jeff wants to know too.

  2. What, I can’t just be moderately poetic every once in awhile? Or do you want a repeat of the homopoem debacle?


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