The best advice

A friend asked me for some major life advice, today. S/he’s feeling really conflicted about the job, the relationship…the future.

Sounds familiar, don’t it? I mean, that’s what it’s all been about for me, lately.

The future.

I offered my thoughts in the way I’ve always felt best: by telling him/er about what’s going on in my own head, and the things I’ve figured out. Because even though our situations are not very similar, the natures of the decisions we face are.

It’s all about trading present comfort for future uncertainty. Making decisions that either stay the course or lead down unknown paths. I’ve been staying the course for the past few years. And now I’m heading for the unknown.

I didn’t tell my friend what they should do, of course. I try to avoid that.

The best advice doesn’t tell you what you should do, but helps you figure it out for yourself.