The big goodbye

Right about this time tomorrow, I’ll get into the Protege5 for the last time and take it back to Mazda. It will be a sad occasion. I love this car; it’s been very, very good to me over the past three years.

My ’91 Civic was special because it served as my home base. While everything else changed around me through my undergraduate years, the Civic was a constant. In contrast, the Protege5 came to me in a period of stability. I’ve had the same home and the same job throughout. The Civic moved my gear from home to home. The Protege5 moved myself, others, and a lot of equipment all over the place for the FASS and KWLT theatre groups.

I love my Protege5 as much as I loved my Civic. It suited my needs perfectly through the three years I had it. It always felt comfortable and fun to drive–even after driving luxury sports cars and sedans, I could always happily return to it. That matters to me more than performance or features, and that’s why I’ll miss the Protege5.

I hope someone else will give it a good home.



  1. Two comments, two days in a row. Crazy.


    It’s strange to hear you’re sentimental about the Protege5. To me, “Russ’ car” is still the Red 91 Civic Hatchback. After all, I still haven’t seen you tow a 54″ drum on wheels behind the Protege, yet. (=

  2. You know I’m going to miss the Protege5. Or at least the front passenger seat. Now I’m going to have to get used to you driving me around in something new. Sigh. Life is so trying!!!
    But seriously, I’m looking forward to learning how to drive standard. So change can be a good thing!

  3. Ah, losing a car. Nadia and I were looking to upgrade from the Tempo a while back, but we didn’t; and it was a little sad, somehow, thinking that the old ’88 Tempo, while it’s only been with us for two years, might go to the scrap heap. Be pleased your car will likely go to another good home.

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