The Dew Fuel is kicking in

After my evening of extreme, caffeine-induced alertness, I was flagging a little this morning. So at lunch I went and got a bottle of Mountain Dew “Dew Fuel” energy drink, which has so much caffeine that they have to declare it as a medicinal ingredient (91mg per 591ml serving) and put an expiry date on the bottle. Wow.

Anyway, I’ve imbibed about 3/8ths of the bottle, and suddenly noticed that there was an extra kick to my step a few minutes ago. Snazzy.

I know, I know. It’s really not good to become reliant on caffeine, but I’m beginning to suspect that the only way I’ll make it through the next two weeks is to do just that. I’ll make it up to myself later.

So when you see me next, ignore the excessive blinking and jumpiness. It’s just a phase I’m going through.


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