The Lego Movie is Awesome

I know, I know. There’s nothing original about this post title, seeing as The Lego Movie features a song called “Everything is Awesome!!!”

But seriously, I loved it. I mean, I knew I probably would, but I went in with high expectations and still came away impressed. Given my penchant for setting reasonable expectations for movies so that I won’t be disappointed, that’s saying something.

For starters, it was fully done in Lego pieces. Like, every single thing, from flames to flowing water…not Lego characters and vehicles in the real world (as is the case with Lego cartoons). You don’t really think about that until it’s staring you in the face. As well, it wasn’t just a movie that’s rendered in Lego, but a movie about the creative spirit behind Lego, with actual, valid philosophy on the topic of creativity (without being too in-your-face about it). So, you know I’m gonna love something like that…I’m doing my very best not to start babbling about the philosophy right now, if only to avoid spoilers.

Basically, I was impressed because the script was extremely well-written, with a solid story, good use of the obvious jokes and cliches, fun surprises, and humour about the combination of Lego pieces with real-world action. Also, the main cast members were great, and there were lots of funny cameos by celebrities who probably said, “umm, YES” when asked to read a few lines.

Oh, and I’m not one to really care about 3D movies, but this was probably better in 3D…particularly since I went on a cheap Tuesday and saw it for $9.50.


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