The most comments yet, a very interesting article, and the return of proper nutrition

My last scatterthought generated unprecedented response…a whole five people! And all of them female.

So I guess I’ll be able to stick with “kiddo” in a lot of individual cases, but will probably still drop “hey kids” as a group greeting.

It’s actually not surprising that no men commented (as of yet)…in practice, I only use “kiddo” with women. It started years ago at my first co-op job, with a female coworker who called me “kiddo”. I started doing the same thing with her, and it snowballed from there. I don’t recall when I first used it with someone else, but it just became natural to call women “kiddo”, regardless of age. I use it with my cousins, my coworkers, and good friends. Anyone I feel close to. That is, any woman I feel close to.

So it’s not a sexist or ageist (or should that be ‘age-ist’) thing. It’s not meant to be condescending or to indicate that I’m senior to someone. It’s just a personal perception that developed over time.

But that’s enough about that. Check out this interesting article about the first hybrid gas-electric car…which was developed in the ’70’s.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

In other news, I managed to get to the grocery store yesterday and bought, amongst other things, actual fresh fruit and vegetables.


Sorry, that should have been more of a sharp intake of breath.



So yes, proper nutrition is back on the table, and hey, I’ve even managed to get some sleep for a change. Add in that I appear to be on top of nearly all my current responsibilities, and there’s only one question to be asked.

When did aliens take over my body? And when are they coming back?

And once again, that’s all I have to say about that.


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  1. It’s one thing to buy vegetables and yet another to get them to the table… 😉 I’ll cross my fingers for ya!

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