There is not enough time

Sadly, I’ve overcommitted myself. I admit it. I didn’t want to, but you know how it is. Someone asks me to do something, and I do it.

This, unfortunately, leaves me with little free time, and some things aren’t getting the attention they deserve. In particular, I haven’t had enough time to devote to Bards in the Shell, and I really need to make up for that over the next week.

Except that I’ve got a number of deadlines in the office. And rehearsals for a play. And a bunch of other stuff.


I don’t like the word “deadline”. It’s too morbid. But “milestone” isn’t appropriate…it’s a marker on the journey, not an endpoint. However, according to Reference.com, there aren’t any good alternatives. So “deadline” it is.

I’d say more the subject, but I’ve got some work to do before I head out for a wedding reception this evening.



  1. I always thought “mortgage” was a morbit word, too, when you think about it.

    Why not “endtime” or “enddate”? *shrugs* “Due Date”?

  2. If you want/need any help with Bards stuff, let me know!

    (I also should probably start picking some songs/hang out with the bad soon…)

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