Things are afoot

As mentioned on Sunday, I spent Canada at a barbecue with the Robin in the Hood crew, after which we went over to the fireworks at Canada Day. Twas quite a spectacle, and I got what appear to be some pretty decent pics on my cell phone. However, I won’t know for sure until I can pull the photos onto my PC (I left the card reader at the office).

I told my friends about Russ’s Vancouver Plan (yes, that’s the official name as of now), and was basically told that I’m not allowed to move. Touching, really.

Actually, since announcing the plan I’ve begun to feel like changes are coming down the pipeline, and big things are ahead of me. I don’t know exactly what, right now, but I’m curious to see what they are and how they’ll impact my life. Regardless of what happens, the plan will remain intact until June 21, 2008, exactly one year from the official announcement on Scatterthought. At that point, I’ll either decide that I’m moving or decide that I’m staying. Until then, anything can happen.

And you know, I like it. I like everything about the way I’m approaching life right now. I like that I’m moving toward something, and I like not knowing if it’ll actually come to fruition. I like the structure, and I like the unpredictability.

And I like that I just used the word “fruition”, quite possibly for the first time in the long history of Scatterthought. Nice.

I like that my sense of humour is coming back to my writing.

I know that there’ll still be periods where I feel lonely and frustrated. That’s part of life and a reflection of the cycle I’m going through right now.

And like everything else, it’ll just make me stronger.

The first half of 2007 wasn’t that great. But I’ve still got half a year to balance things out, and I intend to do so.