This is a pretty boring Web site

Good thing I don’t care.

I’d have to say that Scatterthought is at its most interesting when I’ve got something to say. And lately, I just don’t have anything to say. I don’t just sit down and write for the sake of writing, as I used to do. Those moments tended to generate some of the most creative stuff. And I don’t have anything ground-shaking going on in my life right now, as was the case about three years ago.

I suppose I could change that right now by writing something entirely irrelevant. Starting right about…now.

Nope, sorry. Don’t got it right now. That’s too forced to be of any value.

Inspiration, at least in my case, has to come from within.

A large portion of the problem is that I like myself too much right now. That is to say, I like who I’ve become…I don’t have any major issues that I feel the need to write about. It’s always blah blah blah, I’m too busy.

That’s not to say that the best material revolves around tragedy. No, what I mean to say is that the best stuff comes from the heart. One of my strengths as a writer is communicating strong emotion, but lately I don’t have anything to feel strongly about.

I went through a period of being too emotionally detached, followed by a period of being fairly well balanced, and now a period when I have no connections to be emotional about.

Sometimes I wish I were more irrational. It’s easier to be passionate about things when you don’t feel the need to compare the costs and benefits of every action you take.

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of irrational people are out there wishing they could be more rational.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, as they say.

As was the case in January, I’m still looking for something to be passionate about. Maybe that something is a woman…maybe it’s a cause. I don’t really know.

And I look forward to finding out.



  1. You like yourself too much right now?! Oh Russ, if only we all had your problems! ; )

  2. hmmm careful what you wish for, hon.
    disaster could be just around the corner…

  3. You can spend a lot of time waiting… and waiting for something to be passionate about. Sometimes far too much time can go by while you are waiting for something to be passionate about. If you want something different – sometimes you have to go get it.

  4. I say don’t rock the boat. Life will get interesting again. It always does.

  5. If you’re are looking for women to be passionate about I suggest that you move to the Peg. Almost every day I hear another gorgeous, brilliant and inspired woman say “I would really like to find an interesting guy to
    a) date
    b) make babies with
    c) have fantastic sex

    or some combination of all three
    there seems to be a dearth of available men in winnipeg and a surplus of really talented women

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