Tired TIRED tired

I like that title. So simple, yet with so much going on. It conveys nothing, and yet says so much.

And what does it say?

I think it says that I’m a little loopy at the moment.

I’m still in my office, and I expect I’ll be here for some time. Maybe pop home for a bit, but I’ll be back. Oh yes, I will be back.

I blame my weekend, which was very, very fun. Perhaps too much fun.

I knew when I left the office last Friday that I was going to have more work to do than work hours to do it in. I got my latest auto article largely out of the way on Friday night (wow, how exciting) and Saturday afternoon while waiting for my car to be serviced (no expensive surprises). Then I went out for dinner with some friends and to see a KWLT production of “The Lion in Winter”. Great show. I had helped to construct the set a couple weekends ago, and after the show I helped take the set down (it was the final performance). And then I joined the cast and crew for the post-show party.

Probably stayed out more than a little too long, cuz I was ultra-dead tired on Sunday. I crashed on the couch for most of the morning and part of the afternoon, waking up every once in awhile to notice the Indianapolis Colts scoring a touchdown (Go Colts!) and the drifting back to sleep. Eventually I finished off the remainder of my article and sent that off to my editor.

Now, I was planning to go into the office. Really, I was. I knew there was a boatload of work waiting for me and a Tuesday-afternoon deadline. But I also knew that I was far too tired to do anything coherently. So I stayed home.

Which brings me to today. 8pm, and I’m still in the office. I suspect that I’ll be here for awhile. I don’t really mind, because all that I care about is getting the work done. Sure, if I’d done some of the work yesterday, I might be home right now. But either way, the work’s going to get done. That’s all I care about.

So I guess this doesn’t really count as procrastination, because I’m not worried about getting the project done–it’s not going to be the very last minute.

I’m just saying…I probably should have gotten more sleep on the weekend, knowing that today would be a long day.

And I probably shouldn’t have spent the last twenty minutes writing this scatterthought.

Ah well, that’s life.