Two great bits of news in the same hour

In case you weren’t paying attention, Canada just beat the US by a score of 8-6 in the World Baseball Classic. And if that’s the only Canadian highlight from the tournament, it’s a pretty good one. It’s the equivalent of Italy beating Canada’s curling team in the Olympics a few weeks ago. Both games were in the preliminary round, and both featured a major upset of a heavyweight.

And both underscore why we bother playing sports in the first place. Because, as they so tritely point out, anything can happen.

Remember that the next time you expect your team to lose.

In other news, I was shocked by a phone call this evening informing me that my new car is already in the Honda parking lot. Shocked because I wasn’t expecting them to secure one for me until April…apparently I lucked out. I’m not going to leap on it immediately, because I’ve still got a month to go with my Protege5. Actually…exactly a month.

My target date…Thursday, March 30th. My dad’s going to be in Toronto that weekend, and it’d be cool to have the new car before that.

Let the countdown begin.