Welcome back! Here’s some more work…

So I took Friday and Monday off to spend the weekend at a friend’s cottage. It was really nice and relaxing. The weather turned a little cold on us, but we passed the time just hanging out and playing cards and such. I didn’t really feel the need to swim, so no loss there.

The problem with cottages, though, is that you usually have to travel to and from them. And so, some of the tension that went away during my stay returned as I drove the highways back to KW. Sigh.

I actually called the Ontario Provincial Police to report a driver yesterday, but I don’t think it did any good. At an intersection in a small town, a Nissan Murano hopped into the left-turn lane, fired through the intersection into the opposing left-turn lane, and then forced his way in front of me. Before long we was leap-frogging up the line of cars and RV’s, regardless of whether he had a passing lane or not. Double-yellow lines meant nothing to him.

I didn’t get his license plate, unfortunately, because he was moving so fast. But I called the OPP anyway. They figured out where I was, then said they had to transfer me to the Durham Regional Police. But the call got dropped. So I called again, they transferred me, and after awhile I got to someone in Durham…who then transferred me back to the OPP. So I finally got the report in…about ten minutes after the Murano was out of sight.

So if you’re the driver of the Nissan Murano, I just want you to know that you’re a total idiot and I hope you get what’s coming to you. To be specific, I hope you do something stupid and cause an accident in which you totally destroy your own vehicle. I hope you are the only person injured–not badly…just enough that you have to miss work. I hope that the police take your license away, and the other people involved in the accident sue you.

Basically, I hope that you learn your lesson in a way that causes no harm to anyone else. And while I’m at it, I wish for world peace. I really do.

I just don’t think I’m going to get it.

No, what’s more likely is that you’ll keep driving like an idiot, get a ticket here or there and not learn your lesson, and finally cause an accident wherein someone else is hurt or killed.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. But you don’t understand either of those concepts, do you?

Anyway, we’re off topic but that needed to be said.

Returned to the office this morning to find a mountain of e-mail and a bunch of new deadlines that will eat up my time in September. Lovely. Between this and my new volunteer position with the City of Waterloo, time management will soon be a very important part of my life.

But I’ll worry about that after this week.

On Thursday, I’m heading for Vancouver to visit my family. And next Tuesday I’ll return to the office, refreshed and ready to take on all of those deadlines…and probably find some new ones.

It’s one thing to know that there’s work waiting for you. It’s another thing entirely to discover new work. It just sucks the life out of you. And in my case, it makes me feel like I shouldn’t go on vacation–like I’m putting myself first when the company needs me to do the work.

But I am not a workaholic, as some of you are no-doubt thinking.

It comes back to my need to serve others before myself. It’s just part of who I am. I know that I scheduled the vacation well in advance and that’s that, but there’s always a part of me that doesn’t like it.

And you know, I’m just fine with that. I like that I’m willing to put my friends, family, and job ahead of my own needs. It works.

So long as I have friends, family, and coworkers looking out for me.