Well, that week went by quickly

They always do in January.

It was an action-packed week of work, FASS rehearsals, ice, and snow. Yep, after two months of warm temperatures that probably did bad things to my winter tires, we finally got winter weather.

And now I’ve had enough of it. It took 20 minutes to de-ice my car yesterday, and that was just the windows. The body is covered in a thick ice skin, but I can’t break it off without risking damage to the panels. It’s harmless, so no big deal, but it’s annoying. My trunk lid is super heavy from all the ice on it.

This past Saturday, I hosted a talent show for the FASS theatre company, at which all cast and crew members were invited to do anything they want to entertain the audience. One person decided to hold a limbo contest, in which I had no intention of taking part. But since I was hosting, everyone wanted to see me do it. So fine, I limboed, and I won. No surprise to me, really…I know how good my balance is. But in the process, I kinda hurt my back. Apparently spines aren’t meant to bend the way mine does.

To be clear, I doubt I’d be able to compete with someone who limboes regularly, but I’ve never really tried before.

Anyway, my back hurts.

For my own act, I had someone tie me up in a rope midway through the show, then hosted the second half without the use of my arms (they left my legs alone). Then I escaped from the rope at the end of the show. Apparently it was impressive, so we’ll have to up the difficulty next time.

Never done that before, either.

So all in all, a decent week. My back hurts, but I’ll live.

Sheesh, the things I won’t do for an audience.


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