I have just come across one of the greatest tv shows ever

Random channel flipping revealed something truly great on television. Something entertaining and, more importantly, worthwhile.

Something that matters.

It’s a new program on A&E called “Random 1“, and it’s brilliant. I actually, for the first time in my life, wish I had thought of it.

Heck, I only caught the final five minutes of it, and I’m already shouting its virtues.

Basically, the crew of Random 1 roam the US and find people to offer help to. In the episode I just saw, they asked a random guy on the street if he wanted help getting sober. They helped him get through detox, and now he’s got his life back on track. Reconnected with his father, has a job, and sees his children.

That’s amazing. That’s what a small contribution can amount to when you’re willing to care about someone whom you have no reason to care about.

Something that matters.

I gotta get me some of that.


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