Road Trip Report: Day 1, July 12 (Addendum)

I’ve decided to also write about my hotel/camping experiences, not because I think you want to hear it, but because I will eventually forget 90% of what happens over the next three weeks, and would like a record of it. So, these updates are going to get a bit more detailed, and I suggest that you skim through to see if anything really interests you.

You’ve been warned.

Anyway, the hotel. Using, I booked a hotel right in downtown Toronto that turned out to be the Renaissance, which is attached to the Rogers Centre. It cost me about $160 with taxes, plus $25 for underground parking. Honestly though, the room they put me in was a little shoddy. Actually, the room was fine, aside from the fact that it was on the second floor and had no real view, but the bathroom fixtures were pretty mediocre.

Of course, what you’re paying for is the location, and that worked out well. I guess I’d do it again, but I wasn’t blown away. Good, not great.