A good hair day? Hah, try a good hair year

Seven-and-a-half weeks and still going strong!

My last haircut was on January 13, 2006. Same place, same person, same cut. And yet, where normally my haircuts last only 5-6 weeks, this one is still lookin’ pretty good after more than seven weeks.

Now that’s great value.

Maybe my hair grew slower during February while my body shunted energy to my immune system.

Maybe the up-and-down temperature of this wacky winter has confused the follicles. Although that would suggest that hair grows at different rates depending on climate and I’ve never noticed that before.

Maybe I’m just having unprecedented success at getting it to look ‘right’ in the morning. Like I’m on a winning streak.

Maybe my standards are just lower than they used to be.

And maybe…just maybe…this is a really stupid and utterly shallow topic. If so, it’s about time…it’s been too long since I’ve been so refreshingly irrelevant on Scatterthought.

Whatever the case may be, the result is that January and February have been very good hair months. And since that’s all we’ve got to work with, 2006 can thus far be recorded as a good hair year. Maybe even a fabulous hair year, though that may be a little too metrosexual.

Now, I realize that the last time I waxed poetic about my hair, you had no mechanism for responding. That was way back in July of last year, prompting my friend Danielle to grab my notebook and write:

“Russ is vain. He talks about how good or bad his hair looks all of the time. When his hair looks good, he constantly mentions how good it looks. When it looks bad, Russ wears a hat. He then refuses to take his hat off, no matter what, because he is far to unsightly when his hair isn’t done ‘just right’. So if any of you think he’s trying to be funny…sure, he’s trying…but he also is really vain about his hair.”

This time around, you can make use of the comment system and ridicule me all you want. Go ahead. Take your best shot. I don’t care.

I’m having a good hair year.



  1. You realize that because you’ve declared this a good year, that you hair will look terrible for the rest of it to prove you shouldn’t make such statements

  2. I really enjoy Danielle’s cynicism. She ranks among the most intriguing people who I have barely met.

  3. Eventually it will fall through. You’re going to need a haircut sometime and it’ll be downhill from there!

  4. Danielle’s right. You totally just jinxed yourself. 😉

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