Whatcha whatcha whatcha want

I have no idea why a Beastie Boys song just popped into my head and forced it’s way into the title of this scatterthought.

That’s right folks, it’s another entirely random, unplanned, and unrehearsed writing from your truly. After a 10.5hr work day, I’m definitely in the right mindset for it. So let’s see what the creative juices have to say, shall we?


Go Canucks?

Wow…is that all I’ve got? No, that can’t be all I’ve got. I refuse to believe that’s all I’ve got. I mean, the cognitive cylinders aren’t all firing after a long day in a too-warm office, but I gotta have more than that.

I suppose I should post a photo of my new car one of these days, but first I have to take one. Actually, there’s lots of things I have to do. A photo of the car should be low on the priority list.

Okay, I admit it. I’ve got nothing right now. I’m just tapped out and need to sleep, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing that inside of five minutes after I post this scatterthought. To be honest, there’s really no good reason to post this…it’s totally useless and contributes nothing to the ongoing history of this site.

But at least I tried. And hey, they can’t all be winners.


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